The different types of sports coaches

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Coaching Philosophies from Sports Coaches

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Identifying Three Kinds of Youth Sports Coaches

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Coaching Styles

Knowing what your coaching style is and being able to change it is critical in order to appeal to the different types of athletes that you Coach and the varying situations you encounter. In coaching, one style does not fit all nor all situations. Following on from the differences between Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Counselling, this post will look at different types of coaching.

These should not be seen as rigid categories but areas of specialisation, and many coaches. Most of my coaching is in team sports and therefore involves also a chosen playing style. The coaching is done more on a group level than on an individual level.

When there is any individual level coaching it is associated with specific tasks for that position and/or a combination of movements between two interconnecting positions.

Coaching Philosophies from Sports Coaches

Coaching Styles. There are perhaps three coaching styles - autocratic (do as I say), democratic (involve the athletes in decision making) and laissez faire. The autocratic style could be broken into two types - telling and selling and. The term sports coach encompasses a wide range of roles and approaches, from the football manager on the touchline, through one-to-one coaches for athletes and players, to specialist coaches for fitness and health.

Coach (sport)

There are also coaches who focus on the ‘mental game’, helping sports players fine-tune their psychological preparation for high-pressure events. Mar 25,  · When it comes to youth sports, this is the type of coach you want to be leading your young athlete to bigger and better things- in sports and in life.

The Good Coach is dedicated to making a positive impact on the athletic journey of a young athlete. This more limited aspiration is the video-accident.comtion: Sport Family Coach.

The different types of sports coaches
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Identifying Three Kinds of Youth Sports Coaches - David Benzel