Sports underwriting afl tipping competition

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Beans at Curve would be structured to UW and Children's workers before they are invented to the public. 4. Entry is Free. There are no entry fees to register or play the Insurance Industry NRL Tipping Competition. Maximum value of prizes to be awarded is $5, over both the AFL and NRL competitions being promoted by Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd.

Maximum value of prizes awarded to residents of any one state or territory is $ 5. SUA - © - Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd.

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Sports Underwriting Australia is offering armchair AFL punters a $10, prize kitty in its new footy tipping competition.

2018 Insurance Industry AFL Tipping Competition

The underwriting agency’s MD, Steve Gilbert, says the response so far has been overwhelming and stretches “way into rugby league territory”. Well, Tipping Competitions are a lot of fun and are played all over the world. For every match in a sporting competition, eg the English Premier League, you have to 'tip' (predict) the winner of each match.

Sports underwriting afl tipping competition
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