Essay on growth of banking sector in india 2012

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Banking & Financial Services Industry

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Essay on the Growth of Commercial Banking in India

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Economic development in India

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As in the oil sector, India's state-owned companies account for the bulk of natural gas production. Reserve bank of India (RBI) and government plays an important role in promoting financial inclusion for economic growth to increase the banking penetration, installation of new ATMs and implementation of various schemes in the country (Raman, ).

The Reserve Bank has used FIPs to gauge the performance of banks under their financial inclusion. But the banks will have to adopt a full-fledged marketing strategy to ensure customer satisfaction for its survival and growth.

Marketing scope prevailing in banking sector is being considered under the service marketing framework in this new business approach. The objectives of this research article are to show the growth in Indian banking sector; the technological development in Indian banking sector and computerisation in the banking sector.

Technology enables increased access of the banking system, increases cost effectiveness and makes small value transactions possible. The banking sector widened its horizons into insurance and asset management. If the economy grows 8%, 9% or %, the banking sector will grow at least two-and-a-half times the rate of India’s GDP growth.

Introduction of Banking Sector

This move, along with the rapid growth in the economy of India, revitalized the banking sector in India, which has seen rapid growth with strong contribution from all the three sectors of banks, namely, government banks, private banks and foreign banks.

Essay on growth of banking sector in india 2012
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